Ollantaytambo, part i

Ollantaytambo. A mouthful to say but our new favorite Sacred Valley destination.  The quaint and quiet town, lined with narrow cobblestone streets set against an Andean mountainous backdrop and Inca ruins, will take you back into time.  Not to mention, the very cute cafes and ice cream shops.  (food is very important to us).  I could live here. 


Saturday morning, we went on a bike ride down Abra Malaga, about a 5000ft descend, down to Ollantaytambo. (We were at about 14500ft high to begin with and Ollantaytambo is 9000ft)  We had a driver take us up the starting point and we road downhill the whole way.  I think I pedaled twice.  Maybe three times.  My kind of bike ride.  It was hailing, we were freezing, but we loved it.  It was a bit scary coming around the bends, not knowing what would be on the other side but I guess that could be a metaphor for everything we do in life (cheesy and cliché, I know). We had a guide in the front and a guide in the back but there was a chunk of time where I was leading because I was feeling pretty confident in my mountain bike skills.  I had to pass a cow (bull?) walking in the middle of the road, llamas, and lots of Quechua natives. I would definitely do it again but maybe in better weather permitting circumstances. 

Our guide, Carlos, leading the way

Our guide, Carlos, leading the way

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Jose Manuel (our guide) and Sarah

Jose Manuel (our guide) and Sarah

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